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tomato flower fall


Decrease, drop or dryness of tomato flowers is due to lack of nutrients in the soil and due to mold. For the control of this disease, any one medicine like 30 grams. 15 ml of Victor (imidacloprid) with Fulstop or Clear or Antracol. Dissolve it in water and spray it. Exactly after 2-3 days, 25 grams per tank. NanoRed (13.0.45) and 5 g. Dissolve Agvital (Micro-Nutrition Element) and spray it at least twice at an interval of 12-15 days. For more information related to farming, call the countryside toll-free number 18001036110.

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21 September 2021

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फसल चिकित्सक से मुफ़्त सलाह पाएँ