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pests that damage litchi leaves


There are many types of pests in litchi plants. Many of these pests damage the leaves. This adversely affects the yield of litchi. Insects that damage leaves include leaf rollers and looper insects. See the damage caused by these pests and the measures to control them from here.

Leaf wrapping pest identification

  • Its length is 10 to 15 mm and its color is green.

  • These pests are found more during the rainy season.

  • Their outbreak is highest in the months of December to February.

Symptoms of Leaf Wrap Pest Infestation

  • The female moth lays eggs on the underside of tender leaves.

  • It takes 2 to 8 days for the larvae to hatch from the eggs.

  • These pests start twisting the leaves.

  • As the infestation progresses, the leaves begin to wither.

  • In the affected trees, there is very little sight. As a result the yield decreases.

Looper insect identification

  • These insects are green and dark brown in color.

  • Their length ranges from 25 to 55 mm.

  • The outbreak of this pest occurs in the month of July to December.

  • In September-October, the incidence of looper pest increases.

Symptoms of Looper Insect Infestation

  • These pests damage the leaves. Due to which the leaves start drying.

  • Along with this, it also destroys the new shoots.

Ways to control these pests

  • Leaves on which eggs and larvae are seen should be plucked and destroyed.

  • To control the pest, install pheromone traps in the garden.

  • For biological control, use 4 kg castor and 1 kg neem cake per tree.

  • Spray with 1 ml allanto or karate per liter of water.

  • 1 ml Regent SC per liter of water. Mixing and spraying also controls these pests.

  • To control pests, spray 2 grams of jump in 15 liters of water. Repeat spraying if required at an interval of few days.

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21 September 2021

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