लेखक : Somnath Gharami

Height: About 10 cm. The fruit of long ladyfinger is found suitable for harvesting. If the front part of the okra fruit breaks easily , then understand that it is the right stage of harvesting. Make sure to get the okra fruit plucked at an interval of 1-2 , failing which the fruits become fibrous. It would have been better to pluck the fruits in the morning.

Pruning: Keeping in mind the market demand and distance , the length of the fruit, the okra fruits should be sorted. Prune off fibrous , white , yellow and crooked fruits. Bamboo basket, carat or leno bag should be used to reach the okra fruits to the market.

The maintenance: cold storage after Todhai, the okra can be stored for 8-10 days at 7-10 ° C. 95 % humidity is required for bhindi storage. It turns yellow when the temperature is less than 7°C and more than 10°C.

21 September 2021

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