cultivation of guava

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Guava is one of the popular fruits of India. It contains high amount of Vitamin C. Apart from this, vitamin A , vitamin B, iron and phosphorus are also found in it. Guava is very beneficial for health. It is less affected by more fluctuations in temperature , more rainfall, drought, cold, hot air etc.

climate and soil

  • Hot and dry climate is considered best for guava.

  • Extreme cold damages only small plants.

  • It can be planted in almost all types of soil. But fertile sandy loam soil is best suited for better production.

  • For this the pH level of the soil should be 6 to 7.5.

Planting and Irrigation

  • July - August is the best month for planting plants. Plants can also be planted in February-March at places with irrigation facilities.

  • For planting plants, prepare pits of 60 cm depth and 60 cm width in flat field.

  • Leave these pits open for 15-20 days. This will destroy the harmful insects present in the field.

  • Plant one plant at a distance of about 2 to 3 meters from another plant.

  • Plants below two years of age require irrigation every 10 to 15 days in heavy soil. On the other hand, in light land, irrigate at an interval of 5 to 7 days.

  • Plants below two years of age should be irrigated at an interval of about 20 days in heavy land. On the other hand , irrigation is required at an interval of 10 days in light lands.

use of manure

  • For good yield, use 6 kg of neem cake per plant.

  • Dung manure can also be used in the field.

  • Apart from this, spraying 100 grams of organic manure with 4 kg of vermicompost gives high quality fruits.

fruit picking

  • The fruits begin to ripen in about 120 to 140 days after flowering. Harvest when the fruit turns pale yellow in color.

  • The storage capacity of fruits is less, so it should be harvested only when it is to be marketed.

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21 September 2021

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