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corn harvesting


We all know that the maturity period of different varieties of maize is also different. Many species take more time to prepare the crop, while there are also many such species whose crops are ready sooner. After the crop is ready, the most important and important work is harvesting , threshing and their storage.

  • After the maize crop is ripe, the color of the maize grains becomes yellow.

  • The color of the leaves covering the maize along with the grains also becomes light yellow. This is the right time to harvest the crops.

  • Maize is harvested twice. First the plants are harvested from the field.

  • After harvesting the plants, the maize is separated from the plants.

  • It is necessary to dry the corn in the sun for a few days. Only after the grain has dried, it is removed from the thresher.

  • After separating the maize from the plants, farmers can use the plants as animal feed.

  • If you want to store the grains, first dry the grains thoroughly in the sun.


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21 September 2021

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