What is grasshopper?

लेखक : Lohit Baisla

Locusts are wreaking havoc in India after causing havoc in different parts of the world. If you do not know about them, then through this post you can get some interesting information about locusts.

  • Locust is a type of insect. It belongs to Grasshopper species. These locusts are also called short-horned grasshoppers.

  • There are more than 10 thousand species of locusts found all over the world.

  • These locusts living in large flocks fly according to the direction of the wind and cover long distances.

  • It can fly about 150 kilometers in a day.

  • These locusts, which are generally calm, sometimes become aggressive in the swarm.

  • These locust outbreaks also occur due to unbalanced climate, changes in wind and humidity.

  • 1 locust lays about 20 to 100 eggs. The tiny insect that emerges from these eggs takes about 5 weeks to become an adult. This adult grasshopper can lay eggs after about 1 month. It lays eggs between May and June.

21 September 2021

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