Ways to keep vegetables fresh longer after harvesting

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During summer and rainy season, fruits and vegetables start spoiling quickly. Many times, after harvesting fruits and vegetables, farmers fill them in sacks and keep them in a closed room. This causes the vegetables to spoil quickly. Due to poor quality, vegetables are not able to get proper price in the market. There is no other way but to throw away completely rotten vegetables. In such a situation, the farmers suffer heavy losses. If you also do the cultivation of vegetables and fruits, then after harvesting, see how to keep vegetables fresh for a long time from here.

Ways to preserve freshness in vegetables and fruits

  • To keep vegetables fresh, do not put them in the sun.

  • To keep the vegetables fresh for a long time, keep them in a cool place.

  • To keep the garlic well ventilated, hang it in a jute bag. This will not spoil the garlic for a long time.

  • Do not store potatoes and onions together.

  • To keep tamarind fresh for a long time, keep salt on it. With this, the color and aroma of tamarind will remain intact for about 1 year.

  • Always keep green vegetables spread out. Do not pile vegetables. This can cause rotting of vegetables.

  • Keep green and leafy vegetables in a dry place keeping a distance. This will keep the vegetables fresh for longer.

  • After harvesting leafy vegetables like spinach, amaranth, tie them in small bunches and keep them wrapped in newspaper.

  • Avoid stacking vegetable baskets and sacks on top of each other.

  • After harvesting strawberries, first wash the fruits with water mixed with vinegar and then dry them thoroughly.

  • Banana fruits spoil very quickly. Avoid keeping banana fruits in cold storage. This causes the banana peels to turn black. To preserve the freshness of banana fruit, store it in an airtight plastic bag at room temperature.

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21 September 2021

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