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Vegetable Cultivation: Production and Management

Vegetable Cultivation: Production and Management

लेखक - Surendra Kumar Chaudhari | 14/5/2021

Vegetables have a special place in our daily diet. Vegetables are delicious and full of nutrients. Instead of traditional crops, farmers are paying more attention to the cultivation of vegetables. Many vegetables can be cultivated simultaneously for higher profits. Vegetables also get ready sooner than crops like wheat, paddy, maize, etc. Let us get detailed information on the production and management of vegetables.

Vegetable crop can be mainly divided into four parts. Vine vegetables, small plant vegetables, leafy vegetables and underground vegetables.

  • Vine Vegetables: This includes gourd, Luffa, Pumpkin, Bitter gourd, Parwal, Kundru, Cucumber, Cucumber, etc. They are sown in the month of March to May. The vine of these vegetables grows by spreading on the ground. To get a good harvest, it is necessary to support these plants. Supporting plants does not allow vegetables to stick to the surface of the ground. As a result, the incidence of underground pests and diseases is also reduced. The vines can be supported in the field or with the help of some wood.

  • Vegetables with small plants: This includes brinjal, tomato, okra, cabbage, chilli, cabbage, etc. Fruit borer pest is most prevalent in these vegetables. To protect vegetables from fruit borer, spray 15 liters of water mixed with 5 to 10 ml country cutter. There is also the problem of humus disease in small vegetable plants. To protect the plants from this disease, before sowing, treat the seed with Carbendazim at 3 grams per kg. Along with this, destroy fruits and affected part of plants affected by various diseases and pests by taking them out of the field.

  • Leafy vegetables: These include spinach, amaranth, coriander, mint, etc. The seeds of these vegetables are small, so before sowing, make the soil fine in the field. Seeds accumulate well in friable soil. Many times farmers sow these vegetables by sprinkling method. Sowing by sprinkling method requires more quantity of seeds, as well as difficulty in irrigation and weed control. To avoid these problems, prepare the beds in the field and sow the seeds.

  • Underground vegetables: These include potatoes, onions, garlic, radishes, carrots, beets, etc. Before cultivating these vegetables, one must do deep plowing of the field once. This will make the soil of the field friable. Root spread and tuber development is good in friable soil. Use boron to increase the tuber size of underground vegetables.

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