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Uktha disease: Enemy of various crops


Fusarium wilt is not a disease of any one crop. Grapes, pumpkin, cotton, tomato, peas, lentils, chillies, beans, tur, sugarcane, gram etc. are affected by this disease. Due to this disease, the yield of crops can be reduced to a great extent. If you are not aware of the symptoms of this disease, do not panic. Through this post, you will be able to know the symptoms of this disease as well as the measures to prevent the disease.

cause of disease

  • It is a disease caused by fungi of the Fusarium group, which live in the soil for a long time.

  • This disease also arises due to frequent change of weather.

symptom of disease

  • In the beginning, the upper leaves of the plants start wilting.

  • Due to this disease, along with the leaves, the soft parts of the plants are also affected.

  • Gradually the whole plant dries up.

  • On tearing the stems near the root, black, brown or red thread-like fungi are visible inside.

preventive measures

  • To avoid this disease, do not cultivate the same crop repeatedly in the field.

  • Follow crop rotation. And destroy the infected plants by taking them out of the field carefully.

  • Avoid planting such crops in the infected field.

  • If a disease resistant variety is available, select the same.

  • Maintain the pH of the soil up to 6.5 - 7.

  • To avoid this disease, it is necessary to treat the seeds before sowing.

  • Treat seed per kg with 10 gm Trichoderma viridi 1% WP.

  • While preparing the field, mix 1.5 to 2 kg of Trichoderma viridi in 40 kg of decomposed cow dung per acre and mix it evenly in the field.

  • Apart from this, in soil treatment, you can mix 20 kg of urea per acre in 2 kg of Trichoderma viridi soil or spray it by mixing copper oxychloride in 3 grams per liter of water while preparing the field.

  • On showing signs of disease, apply Carbendazim 50 WP 0.2% solution to the roots of the plants.

By adopting the remedies given in this post, you can get rid of this disease. If you found the information given in this post necessary, then like this post. You can ask us your questions related to this through comments.


Dehaat Expert

21 September 2021

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