The threat of locusts hovers over the crops, so protect them

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In the year 2020, locusts attacked many states of India and caused heavy damage to crops. In the year 2021, once again locusts have started spreading their terror. According to reports, locust swarms have attacked in some areas of Rajasthan. Due to which the farmers are facing lot of problems.

To avoid the terror of locusts, the Agriculture Department of Uttar Pradesh has issued an alert and advised the farmers of the state to be alert. According to the District Agriculture Officer of Agra, a large number of locusts have reached Rajasthan from Pakistan in search of food. Locust swarms have been seen in some areas of Jaisalmer. It is being speculated that this swarm of locusts may soon move towards Agra. After causing havoc in Uttar Pradesh, these locusts can also move towards Bihar. In such a situation, the farmers of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar need to be alert and inspect the field.

Let us get detailed information on the advisory issued by the Department of Agriculture and some ways to avoid locusts.

Agriculture department issued advisory

  • According to the advisory issued by the Agriculture Department, thali, drum or tin cans can be played to drive away locusts.

  • Light a fire around the field and smoke it. If possible, burn neem leaves and smoke it.

Use of insecticides to protect crops from locusts

  • To get rid of locusts, 2.5 ml Chlorpyrifos 20 percent EC per liter of water. (Lethal 20 EC) and spray.

  • Apart from this, 1 ml Lambda Salothrin 5% EC per liter of water. (which is available in the market as Syngenta Karate) and sprinkle.

  • 0.25 ml Fipronil 5% SC per liter of water. Spraying mixed can also reduce the terror of locusts. This insecticide market is the regent of Bayar, SC. And Dhanuka's Fax S.C. Available by name.

Some other measures to avoid locusts

The outbreak of locusts and other insects is more between 7 pm and 9 pm. Therefore, farmers should make small herds and observe their field at night.

These locusts can also be avoided by spraying neem oil on the plants.

The use of garlic oil has also been found effective to avoid locusts.

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21 September 2021

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