The nuances of ginger cultivation

लेखक : Dr. Pramod Murari

Ginger is mainly used as a spice. Many medicinal properties are found in it. It is mainly cultivated in Kerala and Meghalaya. Along with this, it is cultivated in almost all areas of India. If you also want to cultivate ginger, then you can see some nuances related to it from here.

right time of sowing

  • April-May is the best month for its sowing in South India. On sowing at this time, the crop is ready by the month of December.

  • In Central and North India it can be sown from April to June. Late sowing increases the risk of tuber rot.

  • In hilly areas, better crop is obtained by sowing in mid-March.

climate and soil

  • Hot and humid climate is required for its cultivation.

  • Sandy loam soil is considered best for its cultivation.

  • The soil should be rich in fossil and organic matter.

  • For its cultivation, the pH level of the soil is 5.6 to 6.5.

  • Make proper drainage system in the field.

seed treatment

  • For seed treatment, mix 3 grams of Mancozeb or Carbondazim per liter of water. Soak the tubers in this solution for 30 minutes.

  • After treatment, keep the tubers in shade for some time and then sow.

manures and fertilizers

  • At the time of field preparation, mix 50 to 60 quintals of cow dung manure per acre of land.

  • You can also use compost manure instead of rotted manure.

  • Applying about 800 kg of neem cake per acre of field can prevent many diseases.

  • At the time of field preparation apply Nitrogen 24 kg (52 kg urea), Phosphorus 20 kg (125 kg single super phosphate ) and Potash 20 kg (35 kg murate of potash) per acre of land.

  • Apply full dose of Potash and Phosphorus at the time of sowing. Apply second dose of Nitrogen at 20 kg (Urea 45 kg ) after 45 days of sowing, while the third dose of Nitrogen at 16 kg ( Urea 35 kg) is applied after 120 days of sowing.


  • The first irrigation should be done immediately after sowing.

  • Irrigation is not required when it rains.

  • If there is no rain, apply light irrigation.

  • Do not let the soil lack moisture.


  • After sowing, it takes about 8 months for the crop to be ready.

  • When the leaves of the plants turn yellow and start drying slowly, then it should be excavated.

  • After digging, carefully separate the soil from the tubers.

  • Wash the tubers with clean water and dry them well in the sun for 1 day.

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21 September 2021

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