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Symptoms of lack of sulfur in crops, know the benefits of using it


Crops require a variety of nutrients. One of which is sulphur. Sulfur is also known as sulphur. There are 3 types of sulfur, namely nonmetal sulfide, metal sulfide and organic sulfide. Sulfur is available in the market in granular, powder and liquid form. Let us get detailed information on the symptoms of deficiency of sulfur in crops and the benefits of using it.

Symptoms of Sulfur Deficiency in Crops

  • Leaves turn yellow due to lack of sulphur.

  • Inhibits the growth of plants.

  • Sometimes the leaves and stems of plants start appearing in light purple color.

  • The stems of the plants become hard.

  • Flowers and pods are less formed in plants.

  • Seeds do not mature properly.

  • Food crops take longer to ripen.

Benefits of using sulfur in crops

  • Its use increases the fertilizer capacity of the soil.

  • It acts as a better insecticide and tonic for plants.

  • The use of sulfur in oilseed crops increases the oil content.

  • The use of sulfur in potatoes increases the starch content.

  • Its use in tobacco, fodder crops and vegetables increases the quality of the crop.

  • It helps in increasing the activity of enzymes in plants.

  • Its use leads to the formation of chlorophyll (green substance) in the leaves.

  • It is helpful in the formation of knots of pulse crops.

How to replenish sulphur?

  • In acidic soils, ammonium sulphate and potassium sulphate are used as per the requirement.

  • In alkaline soil, gypsum or single super phosphate should be used.

  • Gypsum is the most readily available fertilizer to supplement sulphur.

  • Normally 8 to 10 kg of sulfur is used per acre of land.

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21 September 2021

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