Subsidy will be available for solar panels, know the terms and conditions


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Under the Pradhan Mantri Kusum Yojana, farmers will now be given subsidy for solar pumps. Under this scheme, farmers have been approved for tubewell connections to 32 thousand farmers of Haryana. Through this, farmers can irrigate their fields through solar pumps. Under this scheme, farmers will have to pay only 10 percent amount for installing solar panels. In the bank account of the applying farmers, 60 percent subsidy will be given by the Central Government and the State Government. The remaining 30 percent amount will be given as loan by the bank. Farmers can pay this from their income. Let us get to know in detail about the subsidy given on solar panels.

Benefits of installing solar panels

  • By installing solar panels once, you can take advantage of it for 25 years.

  • Electric or diesel powered irrigation pumps will be converted to solar powered pumps.

  • Electricity generated from solar panels can irrigate crops.

  • Farmers can earn extra income by selling the remaining electricity after irrigation to the electricity distribution company.

  • The cost of electricity will come down.

  • There will be a reduction in pollution.

Requirements for getting subsidy on solar panels

  • The land in which solar panels are to be installed should be within a radius of 5 km from the power sub-station.

  • Farmers can install solar plants themselves.

  • Farmers can also install solar panels by leasing their land.

How to apply for solar panel subsidy?

  • First of all, farmers have to apply by visiting the official website.

  • Farmers are required to fill Aadhaar card, property document and bank account details while applying.

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21 September 2021

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