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Subsidy is available on the purchase of electric tractor, know the last date of application


Buying electric tractor made easy for farmers. Many schemes are being run by the Central Government and the State Government to help the farmers. This sequence also includes subsidy on the purchase of electric tractors. Now up to 25 percent subsidy is being given by the Haryana government to the farmers who buy electric tractors.

The subsidy on e-tractor is being introduced keeping in mind the environment and with the aim of promoting e-tractor in agriculture sectors. If you also want to buy electric tractor, then get important information related to it from here.

Terms and Conditions for getting subsidy

  • It is necessary to book the e-tractor by 30 September 2021 to avail the subsidy.

  • The subsidy will be given to only 600 farmers.

  • If 600 or less farmers apply then subsidy will be given to all.

  • Farmers will be selected through lucky draw if there are more than 600 applications.

Advantages of Electric Tractor

  • Petrol / diesel will be saved by using electric tractor.

  • Its use will reduce pollution.

  • The cost comes less when using an electric tractor as compared to a diesel tractor.

  • Due to lower cost, farmers will get more profit.

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21 September 2021

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