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Sowing time and major species of sesame

Sowing time and major species of sesame

लेखक - Soumya Priyam | 22/6/2020

There are two types of sesame seeds - black and white. Sesame seeds contain 45 to 50 percent oil and 20 percent protein. Sesame is cultivated in about 1774 thousand hectare area in our country. Before cultivating it, it is necessary to know about some major varieties.

Time of sowing

  • In rainfed areas, sesame is cultivated in the Kharif season.

  • For cultivation in Kharif season, it can be sown from the last week of June to the month of July.

  • If you have suitable irrigation facility, you can cultivate it in summer season also.

  • For cultivation in summer season, sesame should be sown in January-February.

major varieties

  • TC 25: It is included in the early maturing varieties. It takes 90 to 100 days for the crop to be ready. The height of the plants of this variety is 90 - 100 cm above the ground surface. The sesame seeds that come out of it are white in color, in which the amount of oil is 48-49 percent. The crop yield is 170-180 kg per acre of land.

  • R. T. 46: The height of its plants is 100 to 125 cm. The color of this variety of sesame is white in which 49% oil content is there. On an average, 240 to 320 kg of crop is produced per acre of land.

  • T.13 : It takes 90 to 100 days for the crop to be ready. The oil content of its grains is 49 percent and the protein content is 24 percent. 200 to 280 kg crop is obtained per acre of land. Its grains are white in colour. The height of the plants is 100 to 125 cm.

  • JT 11: It was developed in the year 2008. This variety takes about 85 days to mature. This variety of sesame has 46-50% oil content. The color of sesame is dark brown. The crop yield is 260 to 280 kg per acre of land.

  • Jawahar Til 306: It was developed in the year 2004. Its grains have 52 percent oil content. In about 85 to 90 days the crop is ready for maturity. If cultivated per acre of land, 280 to 360 kg crop can be obtained.

Apart from this, many other varieties of sesame are also cultivated in India. In which J.T.S. 8, T.K.G. 55, T.K.G. 308, Y.L. Varieties include M. 17, GT 2, Krishna, Patna- 64, Kanke Safed, Kanak Uma, B- 67, Kalika, etc.

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