Some major diseases and pests of jowar crop


लेखक : Soumya Priyam

Jowar crop is prone to many types of pests and diseases. If not taken care of in time, due to their outbreak, the yield of crops can be less than average and farmers have to face losses. Get information about various pests and diseases that damage jowar crop from here.

  • Stem borer fly: The size of these flies is larger than that of domestic flies. It lays eggs under the leaves. The caterpillars coming out of these eggs pierce the stems and eat them from inside and make them hollow. The plants start drying up. To avoid this, before sowing, use 4 to 6 kg of phorate 10 percent insecticide per acre of land.

  • Jowar Mites: They make webs on the lower surface of the leaves and cause damage to the plants by sucking the sap of the leaves. The affected leaves turn red and dry up. To avoid this, apply 400 mg dimethoate 30 EC per acre of land. Spray.

  • Brown mold of jowar: It is also called gray mould. This disease is more common in hybrid varieties of jowar and early maturing varieties. In the beginning of this disease, white colored fungus starts appearing on the earrings. To prevent this, spray 800 grams of Mancozeb per acre of land.

  • Nematodes: The leaves of plants affected by this start turning yellow. Along with this, knots are formed in the root and the growth of plants stops. As the disease progresses, the plants dry up. To avoid this disease, do deep plowing in summer season. Treat seed with 120 gm Carbosulfan 25% per kg.

21 September 2021

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