Some major agricultural works to be done in the month of September

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Many agricultural works need to be done in the month of September. This time is suitable for sowing/transplanting multiple crops. Along with this, manure and fertilizers are also supplied in some crops at this time. Due to the high humidity in the atmosphere, there is an outbreak of various pests in the crops in the month of September. In order to get a better crop, it is necessary to know about some important works done in the crops at this time. Let us get to know in detail about some of the major agricultural works to be done in the month of September.

Some major agricultural works to be done in the month of September

  • Soybean: At this time, grains start forming in the plants. At the time of grain formation, apply light irrigation to maintain the moisture content in the field. Also do regular inspections in the field. So that pest infestation can be controlled in time.

  • Mustard: This time is suitable for sowing of early varieties of mustard. 2 to 2.5 kg of seed is required for cultivation per acre of land. Before sowing treat seed with Thiram 2.5 gm per kg.

  • Maize: Plants planted in the month of May-June start ripening. When the corn is ripe, break them and dry them well in the sun. The late sown crop is more prone to infestation of stem borer at this time. To control this pest, spray 50 ml Country Cutter twice at an interval of 15 days in 150 liters of water per acre of crop.

  • Tomato: This time is suitable for tomato cultivation. If tomato has been transplanted in August month then spray urea after 25 to 30 days of transplanting. Irrigate the plants as per the requirement.

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21 September 2021

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