Save the radish crop from these harmful pests


लेखक : Somnath Gharami

The incidence of pests in radish crop is less as compared to other crops. In the radish crop, the outbreak of mahu, sawfly, leaf piercing insect etc. is seen. Many times the crops are severely affected by the attack of these pests and the yield is reduced. From here you can see the ways to control some pests of radish.

  • Chopa: It is also known as Moyla. These insects suck the sap from the leaves. Which hinders the growth of plants. Its outbreak is seen more in the month of January-February. To avoid this, sprinkle 4 percent neem kernels per liter of water. Apart from this, 1.5 ml Dimethoate 30 EC or Dimetan 25 EC can also be sprayed per liter of water. If necessary, spray again at an interval of 10 days.

  • Leaf Piercing Insect: It is the most damaging pest of radish crop. They eat the leaves and make holes in them. In severe cases, the plants dry up. To prevent this, mix 15 grams asafetida in 5 liters of cow urine and spray it. Apart from this, you can also use Malathion or Dichlorovas 0.5%. Re-spraying can be done at intervals as per requirement.

some other effective solutions

  • To keep the radish crop pest free, control weeds in the field.

  • Keep weeding and hoeing from time to time.

  • While preparing the field, do deep plowing of the field and at the time of final plowing, apply 6-8 kg per acre of Fipronil with manure-fertilizer so that termites etc. can be controlled.

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21 September 2021

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