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Rain Water Harvesting: To irrigate crops in this way, conserve rain water


Irrigation is very important for healthy plants and good crop. But due to the depleting water level, there is a shortage of sufficient amount of water for irrigation in many areas of the country. Which has a direct impact on the quality and yield of crops. Rain water harvesting is a better option to avoid this problem. In this method, irrigation can be done according to the need of the crops by conserving the rain water. Let us find out in detail the various ways to conserve rainwater.

How to conserve water for rainwater harvesting?

The most important task is to conserve rain water for irrigation by this method. There are many ways to conserve rainwater.

  • Directly underground: In this method, rainwater is discharged directly into the groundwater reservoir through a pit.

  • Recharging by making a trench: In this method, big drains are made by making a wall in a large premises. These drains are called recharge trenches. Rainwater collects in it and goes underground and helps in balancing the groundwater level.

  • Collecting water in the well: In this method, rainwater is collected from the roofs of the houses through pipes and deposited in the wells. Sometimes the water stored in wells also helps in increasing the water level by going underground.

  • To collect water in tube well: In this method pipe is installed from the roof of the house to the tube well. To clean the water in this pipe, it is necessary to install a filter. When it rains, the water gets collected from the roof into the tube well through pipes.

  • Collecting water in the tank: In this method, rain water is collected in it by making a tank as per its requirement. Water can be stored in the tank for a long time. Later on water is used as per the requirement. This is the easiest way to collect rainwater.

In this way, by conserving rain water, we can irrigate plants and various crops when needed.

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Somnath Gharami

Dehaat Expert

21 September 2021

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