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Power Tiller: Agriculture work will be easy


These days the practice of farming with bullocks is slowly coming to an end. Now in some rural areas only the agricultural work is done by bullocks. The place of bullocks has now been taken by modern agricultural machines. Talking about the most important agricultural work, plowing of the field has an important place in agriculture. If the field is not plowed properly, then seed germination, root development and plant growth are hindered. As a result the yield of the crop is reduced. Due to which the farmers have to face heavy losses. To make the task of tillage easier, there are many types of modern agricultural machines available in the market these days. These also include power tillers. Let us have detailed information on Power Tiller.

What is Power Tiller?

  • Power tiller is a modern agricultural machine which can be used to perform many types of agricultural tasks easily.

  • Agricultural works like plowing, weeding, irrigation, crop harvesting, etc. can be done by power tiller.

Agricultural work done by power tiller

  • Power Tiller Farming Machine makes many farming operations easy from plowing the field to harvesting the crop.

  • Water can be extracted from ponds, puddles, rivers etc. by adding a water pump to the agricultural machinery.

  • Weeds can be made in the field with this device by inverting the rotary.

  • Weeds can be controlled by plowing between the beds and bunds in the field.

  • By this it is also easy to put soil between the beds and bunds.

  • Sowing of seeds can be done easily by using seed drill machine in power tiller machine.

  • Harvesting can be done by applying thresher in it.

Advantages of Power Tiller

  • Many agricultural tasks can be done by adding many other agricultural machines to the power tiller machine.

  • Power tiller is much lighter and chainless than tractor.

  • It is also very easy to operate this device.

  • The power tiller can be operated on both petrol and diesel.

  • Time and labor costs are reduced.

  • Being lightweight, this machine is easy to carry from one place to another.

  • Its maintenance also does not cost much.

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21 September 2021

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