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Potato: Remedies to prevent scorch disease


One of the diseases that occurs in potato crop is scorch disease. It is of two types - early blight disease and late blight disease. The occurrence of this disease adversely affects the yield. Along with this, the quality of tubers is also affected badly. See the symptoms and prevention measures from here.

early blight disease


  • Small spots appear on the lower leaves of the affected plants.

  • The size of the spots increases as the disease progresses.

  • Gradually the leaves begin to shrivel and fall.

  • Brown and black spots also appear on the stem.

  • Tubers are not fully developed.

  • Symptoms of this disease are visible after 3 to 4 weeks of sowing.


  • To get rid of this disease, mix 25 grams of Countryside Full Stop in 15 liters of water and spray it.

  • Apart from this, spraying can also be done by adding 1 ml Mancozeb per liter of water.

late blight disease


  • The leaves of the plants affected by the disease start scorching at the ends.

  • Brown and black spots appear on the leaves.

  • Cotton-like white molds appear on the lower surface of the leaves.

  • There is no increase in the size of the tubers.


  • To control this disease, mix 25-30 grams of Countryside Full Stop in 15 liters of water and spray it.

  • Spray 200 liters of water mixed with 300 ml Custodiya per acre of field.

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Somnath Gharami

Dehaat Expert

21 September 2021

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