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Method of preparation of paddy saplings in nursery


Paddy is cultivated by planting plants. Before planting in the field, the plants are prepared in the nursery. About 6 kg of seeds are required for transplanting one hectare of land. If you want to get information about the method of preparing plants in nursery, then read this post completely.

  • The month of June is most suitable for planting paddy seeds in nursery.

  • Sow early maturing varieties from second week to third week of June.

  • Sow medium and late maturing varieties in the second week of June.

  • Use high quality disease free seeds to prepare seedlings in the nursery.

  • Prepare nursery soil in four layers. For the first layer, add 1 inch thick cow dung. Add a second layer about 1.5 inches thick finely ground soil. In the third layer, put 1 inch of rotted manure and in the last layer 2.5 inch thick loamy soil.

  • Prepare the beds before planting the seeds.

  • Seeds should be planted in the upper part of the beds. This makes the plants come out easily and the roots are not harmed.

  • After planting the seeds, cover the seeds with rotted manure and mulch the soil of the field. You can also cover the seeds with straw if you wish.

  • So that there is no shortage of moisture in the nursery, irrigate with sprinkler method. If you want, you can also irrigate by running water in the drains made between the beds.

  • To keep the plants healthy, it is important to spray 1 kg of nitrogen per 100 square meters of land 5-6 days before uprooting the plants.

  • Avoid planting seeds in large quantities in the nursery. Plants become weak when more seeds are planted and there is also a fear of rotting of the plants.

  • Plants are ready for transplanting 3 to 4 weeks after planting the seeds in the nursery.

  • After removing the plants from the nursery, do not delay in planting the plants in the field.


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21 September 2021

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