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Matka Irrigation: A Unique Irrigation Technique


We all know how important irrigation is for the growth of plants. Many a times, if the irrigation is not done at the right time, the plants start drying up. On the other hand, due to excessive irrigation, the roots of the plants start rotting. Sometimes due to lack of water, plants do not get proper amount of water. In such a situation, irrigation is not less than a big problem in water-stressed areas. To avoid this problem, irrigation by matka method can prove to be a boon for the farmers. Let us get detailed information on Matka irrigation method through this post.

What is Matka Irrigation?

  • It is a unique irrigation technique in which water is filled in pots and buried in the ground near the roots of trees or plants. A small hole is made in the pot through which the water drips drop by drop and goes to the roots of the plants. Due to this, the roots get water as per the requirement and the plants remain green.

What are the benefits of matka irrigation?

  • Water comes out from the pots as per the requirement of the plant.

  • In the summer season, the water of the pot will last from 3 days to a week.

  • Plants grow 20 to 30 percent faster.

  • Water reaches directly to the roots of plants.

  • Due to the dryness of the surrounding land, the problem of weeds is less.

  • Irrigation by this method saves up to 70 percent of water.

  • The cost of irrigation is low.

  • Irrigation saves time.

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Somnath Gharami

Dehaat Expert

21 September 2021

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