Marigold: Prevention of powdery mildew

लेखक : Soumya Priyam

There are many diseases in marigold plants. It includes many diseases like stem rot disease, leaf spot disease, powdery acetic disease, etc. Today we will talk about powdery mildew disease in marigold plants. It is a fungal disease. This disease is also called powdery mildew disease or Dahiya disease. Along with the symptoms of this disease, you will also know the ways to prevent it.

Symptoms of powdery mildew

  • White colored spots appear on the leaves of plants affected by this disease.

  • After some time the leaves are completely covered with white powder-like substance.

  • As the disease progresses, the leaves turn yellow and the shape of the leaves also starts twisting.

  • The buds and flowers of plants are also affected by this disease.

preventive measures

  • To prevent the spread of this disease, break and destroy the infected parts of the plants.

  • Do not touch healthy plants after touching the affected plants.

  • Spray with 2 grams of soluble sulfur per liter of water.

  • This disease can be controlled by spraying by mixing 25 grams Dehat Full Stop in 15 liters of water.

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We hope that the medicines given in this post will prove to be effective for the control of powdery mildew. If you found this information important then please like this post. Also share it with other farmers. Ask us your questions related to marigold cultivation through comments.

21 September 2021

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