Makhana production problems


लेखक : Pramod

We all know that Makhana is cultivated in ponds. Farmers also have to face some problems during its cultivation. Through this post we will discuss the problems faced in Makhana production.

  • Farmers find it very difficult to get the Makhana out of the water. If the pond is deep, then there is a danger of drowning in the pond while removing the makhana.

  • We cannot hold our breath under water for a long time. Due to this, the farmers have to come up again and again to breathe and it takes more time and labor for the farmers to extract the makhana.

  • There is also a danger of many types of poisonous creatures inside the water.

  • Farmers who extract makhana from under water are also prone to fungus or skin diseases.

  • While removing the makhana from inside the water, about 25 percent of the makhana remains inside. Apart from this, 25 percent of the makhana gets spoiled while peeling it.

  • There are also many farmers who do not have their own ponds or do not know the art of extracting makhana from water. Due to this farmers get less profit.

21 September 2021

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