Major varieties of millet

लेखक : Somnath Gharami

Millet is one of the major crops cultivated in arid regions. In our country, Rajasthan, Gujarat , Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Haryana, Odisha etc. are done in the states. By cultivating millet, farmers can get fodder for livestock along with grains for chickens. Therefore, the cultivation of this crop proves beneficial for poultry and animal rearers as well. Before cultivating it, it is necessary to know about some major varieties.

  • Raj 171: This variety is also known as MP 171. It takes 85 days to prepare. The height of this variety of plants is 170 to 200 cm. The color of its grains is light yellow. 8 to 10 quintals of grains and 18-19 quintals of fodder are obtained per acre of land.

  • Pusa 322: It is one of the major varieties of Bajra. It takes about 75 to 80 days to ripen. The height of its plants is 150 to 210 cm above the ground surface. Per acre land yields 10 to 12 quintals of grain and 16 to 20 quintals of fodder.

  • AHB 1200: This is one of the hybrid varieties. This variety is suitable for cultivation in Kharif season. It contains abundant amount of iron. It is mainly cultivated in Haryana , Rajasthan, Punjab, Delhi, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. By cultivating this variety, you get 28 quintal dry fodder per acre of field. After planting, the crop is ready in about 78 days.

  • GHB 732: It is a late maturing variety. Plant height is medium. Its grains are thick. This variety takes 81 days to mature. 12 quintals of grain and 31 quintals of fodder are obtained per acre of land.

  • Pusa 23 : It is also known as MH 169. Plants of this variety are of medium length i.e. about 165 cm. Its leaves are shiny. This variety matures to maturity in about 80 to 85 days. Yields from 8 to 12 kg of grains per acre of land.

Apart from this, many other varieties of millet are also cultivated in our country. In which G.H.B 719, R.S.B. 177, M.P.M.H 21, B.D- 111, B.J- 104, H.B.2, H.B.3, M.B. H15 etc. varieties are included.

21 September 2021

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