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Major pests of sugarcane and their management

Major pests of sugarcane and their management

लेखक - Dr. Pramod Murari | 7/7/2020

At the time of cultivation of sugarcane there is moisture in the atmosphere. Due to the moist environment, many types of pests are found in sugarcane crop. There is a possibility of many insects like termites, white fly, stem borer, choppa, grasshopper etc. in sugarcane. You can adopt the following measures to protect your crop from these pests.

  • Stem borer insect: These insects feed on the stems of sugarcane and eat it from inside. Due to which the stem becomes hollow from inside. To avoid this pest, spray 2.1 liters of Monocrotophos in 500500 liters of water per acre of field. If required , after 15 days, can be sprayed again.

  • Termites: Termites cause great damage to the sugarcane crop. To prevent this, spray 160 ml Imidacloprid- 200 SL per liter of water. At the time of sowing, treat the seed tubers with chloropyrifos and plant them.

  • Grasshopper: These insects suck the sap from the leaves of sugarcane. To avoid this pest , spray 10 kg of Fenvalerate 0.4% dust per acre of land.

  • Root borer: These pests damage the roots of plants. Due to which they become yellow and dry. To save sugarcane crop from this pest , spray 2 liters of Chlorpyriphos in 350 to 400 liters of water per acre of field and spray it on the roots of plants.

  • Black spot: Due to the infestation of this pest, purple spots start forming on the leaves and the leaves start turning yellow. Spray by mixing 1 ml Dichlorvos 85 EC per 3 liters of water. This pest can also be controlled by spraying nitrogen in the field.

  • Whitefly: These flies suck the sap from the lower surface of the leaves. Due to which the leaves start turning yellow. Destroy affected plants to prevent it from spreading. Spray by adding 1 ml Dimethoate 30 EC per liter of water.

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