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Major diseases and treatment of groundnut


Our country produces 6.5 million tonnes of groundnut per year. Peanuts are rich in protein. Some precautions need to be taken while cultivating it. Due to your slight carelessness, the outbreak of various diseases can ruin the crop and you may have to face losses. By identifying the diseases occurring in groundnut, by adopting the methods given below, you can get more yield.

  • Leaf spot disease: One to two months old plants are more prone to this disease. Plants affected by this disease develop spots on the leaves. As the disease progresses, the leaves turn yellow and dry up. To avoid this, spray Carbendazim 0.1% or Mancozeb 0.2%.

  • Black color disease: This disease mainly occurs on seeds, stem, petiole, leaves and pods. When this disease occurs, reddish brown spots appear on the lower surface of the leaves. Treat the seeds with copper oxychloride or Mancozeb 0.31% or Carbendazim 0.7 percent.

  • Rosette's disease: This disease is caused by a virus. And this disease is spread by insect, due to the effect of this disease, the growth of plants stops and the leaves start turning yellow and later look like mosaic. Infected plants and plant residues should be taken out of the field and buried in the soil . To protect the plants from this disease, sprinkle 1 ml imidachlorpid per liter of water.

  • Root rot disease: This disease is spread by mildew found in soil. White colored lines begin to form in the roots of the affected plants and on the surface of the soil. As the disease progresses, the leaves turn yellow and fall off. To avoid this disease , treat seed per kg with Thiram or Carbendazim at 3 gm.

Somnath Gharami

Dehaat Expert

21 September 2021

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