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Major Pests of Arhar and their Management

Major Pests of Arhar and their Management

लेखक - Soumya Priyam | 11/7/2020

Many types of pests attack the tur crop. If these pests are not controlled at the right time, the entire crop can be destroyed. Due to this, the farmers may have to face a lot of loss. By adopting the measures given in this post, you can get over the pests and also increase the yield of the crop.

Major pests of Arhar crop

  • Pod borer insect: These insects feed on the pods and eat them from inside. This causes great damage to the crop. To avoid this pest, spray 160 ml Cypermethrin 20 EC per acre of land. Apart from this, you can also sprinkle 300 ml Fenvalerate 20 EC per acre of land.

  • Leaf Wrapping Insect: It is a yellow worm which wraps the leaves and makes a white web. Hiding inside that water, it eats the leaves. Along with leaves, it also eats flowers and beans. To avoid this, spray 320 ml Monocrotophos 36 EC per acre of land.

  • Arhar pod fly: These flies destroy the crop by eating the beans and grains inside the beans. To avoid this, spray 400 ml Monocrotophos 36 EC or Dimethoate 30 EC.

  • Mahu: It is also known as Aphis crexivora. It sucks on flowers and pods. Due to which the yield decreases. The control of mahu pest can be achieved by spraying one ml imidachlorpid per liter of water.

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