Maize: Management of root mite pests


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The root mite insect that occurs in the maize crop is also called cutworm. The maize crop is heavily damaged by this pest. Read this post carefully to know the identification of this pest, symptoms of outbreak and preventive measures.

identification of pests

  • These insects are beige to dark brown in color.

  • There are stripes and spots on them.

  • The length of the adult cutworm is 1.5 to 2 inches.

symptom of outbreak

  • These insects hide in the soil during the day and attack the plants at night.

  • They cut the stems of plants from the surface of the ground.

  • Instead of eating all parts of the plant, they cut the stem and move towards other plants.

preventive measures

  • Before sowing maize, do one deep plowing in the field. This will destroy the pests present in the soil.

  • Do not allow weeds to grow in the field and clean the field regularly.

  • To control root mite pest, spray 150 liters of water per acre in 50 ml countryside cutter.

  • Control of this pest can also be achieved by spraying 8 kg Carbofuran 3G per acre of field.

  • Mix 3 ml Chlorpyriphos 10 EC per liter of water and apply it to the roots of plants.

  • If possible, dig the soil of the plant which has been bitten by the root mite insect and remove the insect and destroy it.

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21 September 2021

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