Lychee: Protection against bark-eating insect

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Many types of pests are seen in the litchi tree. One of which is bark-eating insects. These insects make tunnels in the stems and branches and weaken them. Due to which the trees dry up or can even break due to strong wind. See the damage and prevention measures caused by this pest from here.

insect damage

  • These insects make tunnels or holes in the main trunk and thick branches of the tree and hollow them from inside.

  • One of the main symptoms of their outbreak is the appearance of a web made from their feces on the stems.

  • During the day, these pests live in holes made on stems and branches.

  • At night, these insects come out and start eating the bark of the tree.

  • As the infestation progresses, the growth of the plants stops and the plants start drying up. Due to which there is a huge reduction in yield.

How to control?

  • Clean the traps made by the insect from the main trunk and branches of the tree.

  • After cleaning the traps, try to kill the insects by inserting iron wire into the tunnels and small holes made by the insects.

  • Put cotton or any cloth soaked in kerosene oil or petrol and put it in the hole and close the hole with wet soil.

  • Apart from this, 20 to 25 drops of concentrated solution of chlorpyrifos can also be used in each tunnel. After pouring the drug solution, close the mouth of the tunnel with soil.

  • Spraying by mixing 2 ml of chlorpyrifos per liter of water can also get rid of this pest.

  • As per requirement 3 to 4 spraying can be done at an interval of 15 days.

  • Clean the affected trees with the help of brush at the interval of every 15 days. This will clear the already existing traps and reduce the pest infestation.

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We hope that by adopting the measures mentioned in this post, you can save litchi trees from bark-eating pests. If you liked this information then please like this post. If you have any question related to this then feel free to ask your question to us through comment.

21 September 2021

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