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Kisan App

Kisan App

लेखक - Lohit Baisla | 22/5/2020

Dehat Kisan App is the best and trusted agriculture app for Indian farmers and people involved in agriculture. It works with the aim of improving the lives of Indian farmers. Through this you can avail agriculture related facilities and services. Along with this, you can also get important information for modern agriculture like weather forecast, market demand, prices, seed information, fertilisers, soil quality check and various crop options etc. You can get seasonal tips for agricultural practices, information on government schemes, purchase of inputs (seeds, fertilisers, equipment, crops etc.) along with the convenience of selling your crops at reasonable prices. Feel free to inquire agriculture related queries in your local language through Toll- free Kisan Helpline Number (1800-1036-110) or Mobile App. Our agriculture consultants will answer all your questions and solve your problems.

Facilities available to farmers:

  • Weather Information: Weather information always plays an important role in agriculture and farming activities. Farmers can earn more profit by doing good farming by knowing about the probability of rainfall, temperature, wind direction etc. in your area.

  • Market Price (Mandi): It is necessary for everyone to know about the local market price (Mandi Bhava). Knowing the market price, you can sell your crops at a reasonable price.

  • Soil Testing: Knowledge of soil is essential for good yields. After soil testing, information about beneficial crops for cultivation and the appropriate amount of fertilizers for different crops is obtained.

  • Agricultural diseases: For high quality crop, you get information about various diseases that damage crops and how to prevent them.

  • Crop Protection: It is very important to know the methods and medicines used to avoid the damage caused by the pest.

  • Crop advice: Get the solution of your questions from the experts and scientists of the agriculture sector.

  • A community for farmers: Inspire other farmers with your story or your success story.

  • Farmer Profile: Update your personal information, contact number, details of your crop, land, etc.

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