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Indigenous jugaad to prepare drip irrigation system at low cost


Due to the continuously depleting water level, sufficient amount of water is not available for irrigation in many areas. Drip irrigation method is a better option for irrigating plants in such areas. This not only saves water, but also reduces the problem of weeds.

But sometimes small farmers are not able to use it due to the cost of installing drip irrigation system. To overcome this problem of small farmers, we have brought some such indigenous jugaad, using which drip irrigation can be done in crops at low cost. Let us get to know in detail about this topic.

How to prepare drip irrigation system at low cost?

Method of preparing drip irrigation system from plastic bottle

  • First make 3-4 small holes in the cap of the plastic bottle.

  • Now cut some part of the bottle from the bottom.

  • Make a pit near the roots of the plants and bury the bottle in the ground with the lid side. This will make the bottom of the bottle face up.

  • Fill the bottle with water and close the bottle with the remaining cut part.

  • This is a better way to irrigate pots or beds in the house. This will also save water and also retain moisture in the soil.

Method of preparation of drip irrigation system from IV drip

  • To prepare it, use IV drip wire used in glucose transfusion.

  • Cut this wire short and use the flow control part.

  • Insert the IV wire through a hole in the bottle cap.

  • After that fill the bottle with water and close the lid.

  • Hang this bottle upside down with the help of some wood on the plant where irrigation is to be done.

  • In this method you can increase or decrease the flow of water as per your wish.

Method of Preparation of Hanging Drip Irrigation System

  • To prepare the drip system by this method, first of all fork the bottom of the plastic bottle.

  • Make a hole in the bottom and tie it with a rope or wire. This will make it easier to hang the bottle.

  • After this, fill the bottle with water and hang the bottle near the plants.

  • Now open the bottle cap a little. From this water will come out drop by drop and the plants will be irrigated.

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21 September 2021

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