Increase the fertilizer capacity of the land by the use of humic acid


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The use of fertilizers containing harmful chemicals for a long time reduces the fertility of the soil. Which has a direct effect on the yield of crops. Increasing the fertilizer capacity of the soil is no less than a big challenge. Humic acid is no less than a boon to improve soil structure and increase fertilizer efficiency.

Humic acid available in the market is actually potassium humate, which is prepared by the action of caustic potash on humic acid. Potassium humate does not have any adverse effect on crops. Apart from this, humic acid can be prepared easily at home too. Let us get detailed information on the benefits of humic acid, method of preparation and method of use through this post.

What is Humic Acid?

  • Humic acid is a versatile mineral. Barren land can also be made fertile by its use. It helps in retaining moisture in the soil.

  • It mixes the manure well in the soil and reaches the plants. Apart from this, it keeps nitrogen and iron in the soil.

benefits of humic acid

  • It is helpful in improving the structure of the soil.

  • Its use makes the soil friable. Root development is good in friable soil.

  • The fertilizer capacity of the land increases.

  • Helps in increasing the ability of plants to receive light. Due to which the plants look green and healthy.

  • Its use increases the number of plants, fruits and flowers. Which has a direct effect on the yield of the crop.

  • Increases the germination capacity of the seed.

  • Plants remain safe even in adverse environment.

Method of preparation of humic acid

  • To prepare it, 2 years old cow dung cakes, 25 to 30 liters of water and a drum of about 50 liters capacity are required.

  • To prepare it, first fill the cow dung cakes and balls in the drum.

  • After this, fill 25 to 30 liters of water in the drum and keep it covered for 7 days.

  • After 7 days, the water in the drum will change from dark red to brown.

  • After this, remove all the tubes from the drum and filter the water with a cloth.

  • Use this water as humic acid.

How to use Humic Acid?

  • Add the water prepared in the drum to the soil.

  • Dip the roots in it before transplanting the plants.

  • Spray it on crops mixed with insecticide.

  • Can also be used by mixing in chemical fertilizers.

  • It can be used along with drip irrigation.

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21 September 2021

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