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Important works to be done for crops in the month of June


The month of June is very important from the point of view of agriculture. Sowing of Kharif crops starts at this time. Along with crops like Paddy, Maize, Arhar, etc. Horticulture crops also require special care this month. Let us get detailed information on some important agricultural works to be done in the month of June.

  • Litchi: After harvesting the fruits, prune the litchi trees. Prune off branches that are out of the tree's spread, along with branches affected by various pests. This will give proper amount of sunlight to the plants. Also, there will be smooth movement of air in the garden.

  • Paddy: Sow seeds in nursery by first week of June. Fragrant varieties can be sown by the third week of June. If the seeds have been sown in the nursery at the end of May, then inspect the nursery. Do not allow water logging in the nursery. If symptoms of Khaira disease are seen in small paddy plants, sprinkle 20 grams of urea and 5 grams of zinc sulphate per liter of water. This amount of fertilizers is given per 10 square meters.

  • Maize: Prepare the field for sowing of maize. Sow maize till the last week of June. With proper arrangement of irrigation, sowing can be done till the second week of June.

  • Arhar: In irrigated areas, sow tur in the first week of June. On the other hand, arhar should be sown in unirrigated areas when the rains start.

  • Bhindi: This is the suitable time for sowing of Bhindi. If okra has been sown in the month of May, then irrigate the plants as per the requirement. To control weeds in the field, weeding is done.

  • Floriculture: Control weeds in the flower garden. Irrigate the plants when necessary. To increase the length of flower stalks in tuberose plants and to increase the number of flowers, sprinkle 50 ml of gibberellic acid per liter of water.

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Soumya Priyam

Dehaat Expert

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21 September 2021

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