Important things to know from the beginning of silkworm rearing

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Many important works are being done by the government to promote the business of sericulture i.e. sericulture. Including providing financial assistance to the farmers associated with this business. Due to low cost in sericulture business, rural people can also start it at very low cost. Let's get detailed information on silkworm farming business.

How many types of silk are produced in our country?

There are two types of silk produced in our country.

  • Mulberry silk: Mulberry silk is in high demand. To get this variety of silk, farmers have to cultivate mulberry plants. Silkworms produce silk by eating mulberry leaves. Mulberry silk is produced on a large scale in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Jammu and Kashmir and West Bengal.

  • Non-mulberry silk: Palash, Gular, etc. trees are planted for the production of non-mulberry silk. Silkworms eat the leaves of these trees. Non-mulberry silk is produced in Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and North Eastern states.

What to do to get better quality silk?

  • The cocoons should be dried in hot air to obtain better quality silk. By doing this the pupa dies and the cocoon shell layers are easy to detach.

How to store cocoons?

  • To store the cocoons for a long time, the temperature of the warehouse should be less than 20 degree centigrade.

  • The air inside the room should have about 55 percent humidity. This can protect the cocoon from the fungus.

cocoon pruning

  • The cocoons are sorted before the silk is removed from the cocoons.

  • At the time of pruning, spoiled and double cocoons, soiled cocoons, molten cocoons, infected cocoons and deformed cocoons are separated.

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21 September 2021

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