How to prepare compost manure

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Due to prolonged use of chemical fertilizers, the fertilizer capacity of the soil gradually starts decreasing. To avoid this, compost manure is a better option. Compost is obtained from the decomposition of organic matter. Being rich in nutrients, its use increases the growth of plants and also increases the yield and quality of crops. So let's know the method of preparing compost manure.

Compost can also be prepared by making a pile of garbage on the ground. But the easiest and most popular method of making compost is the pit method.

  • For preparing compost manure, such a place should be selected which is shady and there is good air movement. Also make sure that the place is not waterlogged.

  • To make compost manure by pit method, first prepare a 3 meter long, 2 meter wide and 1 meter deep pit.

  • Make the pits moist by sprinkling water all around .

  • Now add a layer of straw, leaves, husks of sugarcane and other fruits or crop residue, degradable kitchen waste.

  • Spread a layer of cow dung over it and sprinkle water.

  • Spread a layer of garbage over it again.

  • When the pit starts filling, then cover it with a layer of soil of 15 cm.

  • Keep adding water from time to time. This will speed up the decomposition process.

  • Keep turning the garbage filled in the pits at an interval of about 15 days.

  • In about 3 to 4 months you can have compost rich in nutrients.

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21 September 2021

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