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How to do potato and tomato grafting?


Grafting is not a new technology in the agriculture sector. In common language it is called tying a pen. This method has been used for centuries. By using grafting technique, we can plant more plants in less area. If you are not yet familiar with this technique, then from here you can get information about what is the grafting method, its benefits and its process.

What is the grafting method?

  • In this method, different crops can be obtained by planting cuttings (pens) of one or more plants in a plant. Using this technique, scientists of the Indian Vegetable Research Institute have prepared a plant in which tomato plants can be planted along with potatoes. This plant is named Pomato. On the other hand, the plant prepared by grafting tomato with brinjal has been named tomato.

What are the benefits of grafting?

  • Using this method, more crops can be obtained in less space.

  • You can earn more profit by getting more production in less time.

  • There is a reduction in the cost of irrigation along with field preparation, manure and fertilizers.

How to cultivate potato and tomato by grafting method?

  • For planting potato, when the potato plant comes about 6 to 8 inches above the surface of the ground, then plant the cuttings of tomato plants on it. While grafting, keep in mind that the thickness of the stem of both the plants is the same. After about 20 days of grafting, both the plants are well connected with each other. After some time tomatoes start growing in the plants. Potatoes can be harvested after the tomato plant has dried up. About 1.5 kg of tomato and 600 g of potato yields from one plant of Pomato. In this way, by grafting tomato with brinjal, you can get tomato plant.

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Soumya Priyam

Dehaat Expert

21 September 2021

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