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Herbal farming is a profitable crop


Herbal plants are used to make Ayurvedic medicines and personal care products. The use of herbal medicines and products is continuously increasing. Herbal plants are in great demand in our country in companies like Dabur, Himalaya, Patanjali, Natural Remedies. According to estimates, the market for herbal products in the country is around Rs 50,000 crore. It is growing at the rate of about 15 percent annually. Farmers can get more profit by cultivating herbs as compared to normal vegetables and fruits. On an average, farmers can earn around Rs 60,000 per acre by selling herbs. Herbs also do not require a lot of water and fertilizers. Due to less supply of herbs like Atish, Kuth, Kutti, these are sold at good prices. Apart from this you can cultivate any herbal plant given here.

  • Muleti

  • stevia

  • turmeric

  • Basil

  • ashwagandha

  • lilac

  • brahmi

  • Giloy

  • Sankhpushpi

  • lavender


Dehaat Expert

21 September 2021

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फसल चिकित्सक से मुफ़्त सलाह पाएँ

फसल चिकित्सक से मुफ़्त सलाह पाएँ