Harvesting of crops cultivated in Zayed

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After the harvesting of Rabi crops and before sowing of Kharif crops, crops like Sunflower, Moong, Urad, etc. are cultivated. The farmers cultivating these crops in the Zayed season start preparations for harvesting the crop at this time. If you have also cultivated these crops in Zayed season then read this post carefully. From here you can get some important information related to the harvesting and threshing of sunflower, moong and urad.

  • Sunflower: It should be harvested after the fall of sunflower flowers or after the back side of the flower turns yellow. After harvesting, dry the flowers well in the shade. After this, remove the seeds by beating with a stick or by using sunflower thresher. Not all the flowers shed at once or the back of all the flowers together is not yellow. So keep harvesting at intervals of few days. After removing the seeds, dry them thoroughly. Store the seed when the moisture content is 8 to 10 percent.

  • Urad: The urad crop sown in Zayed is ready for harvesting at this time. The ripening period of the crop depends on its varieties. Generally, about 80 to 90 days after sowing, the leaves of the plants start turning yellow. Harvest the crop after 70 to 80 percent of the beans are ripe. After harvesting, the crop should be dried well in the sun. After this, separate the grains from the beans by threshing.

  • Moong : Moong beans are ready for harvesting at this time. Harvest when the pods start turning black. Harvest the beans at the right time. Late in harvesting, the pods start cracking. This can lead to a significant reduction in yield. Not all moong beans ripen at the same time. Therefore, pluck the pods 3 to 4 times at an interval of few days.

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21 September 2021

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