Fertilizer supply at the time of earring in paddy

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It is very important to supply the right amount of fertilizer at the time of ear formation in paddy. Using the right amount of fertilizers, farmers get high quality crops. If you are cultivating paddy and are in a dilemma about how to use fertilizers at the time of making earrings , then this post will also clear your confusion.


Use of nitrogen is very important at the time of earrings. This increases the yield as well as improves the quality of the grains. Spray 25-30 kg urea per acre of land.


When earrings are formed in the paddy, their weight starts increasing. In such a situation, if the plants are weak, then there is a fear of breaking them. Use phosphorus to strengthen the paddy plants.


Plants should also be sprayed with potash while making earrings. This improves the quality of the paddy bales and also increases the weight of the grains. Many times it is seen that the grains of paddy are left hollow from inside. Potash also plays an important role to eliminate this problem. If potash is sprayed at the time of making earrings, then the grains are filled and the problem of hollowing of the grains is removed.

For the supply of phosphorus and potash, soluble 00:52:34, in which phosphorus and potash is available, can be sprayed by mixing 1 kg per acre in 200 liters of water.

We hope that by using these fertilizers you will be able to get better yield of paddy. If you found this information important, then you should like this post as well as share it with other farmers. So that more and more farmers can take advantage of this, ask your questions related to us through comments.

21 September 2021

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