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Essential nutrients and their importance for plants


Nutrients are very important for the growth of plants. Plant growth is hindered due to not getting the proper amount of nutrients. Based on scientific researches, 17 nutrients are required for plants. These include nutrients like carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous, potash, oxygen, hydrogen, iron , chlorine, boron, zinc, copper etc. From here you can get information about the deficiency symptoms and benefits of some important nutrients.


the profit

  • It helps in vegetative development of plants.

  • This gives plants a dark green color.

  • The use of nitrogen increases the amount of protein in cereals and fodder crops.

  • This helps in the formation of donations.

deficiency symptoms

  • Due to the lack of nitrogen, the color of the plants becomes light green or yellow and the leaves start falling.

  • The growth of plants stops and the number of flowers and fruits in the plants is also less.


the profit

  • Its use in the right quantity produces healthy seeds in plants.

  • Its use increases the immunity of plants.

  • With the use of the right amount of phosphorus, the fruits come out early and the grains ripen quickly.

  • There is good development of roots which helps the plants to stand.

deficiency symptoms

  • Roots do not develop properly. Sometimes the roots also start drying up.

  • The color of the stem turns yellow.

  • Seeds and fruits do not develop properly.


the profit

  • It strengthens the roots and protects the plants from falling.

  • Its use increases the quality of crops and shines in the grains.

  • Increases resistance to pests and diseases in plants and helps in the formation of proteins.

deficiency symptoms

  • In its deficiency, the leaves turn brown in color.

  • Leaves appear scorched.

  • Root growth is reduced.


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21 September 2021

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