Emerging women farmers in wheat based crops


लेखक : Somnath Gharami

According to a recent study, women have started giving ideal challenges to men in wheat based agriculture. In the context of wheat based livelihood, women are adopting specific strategies to advance their interests. The report, published in June in the European Journal of Development Research, is based on data collected from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab. Due to the migration of men from rural areas to cities, more women have started working in the fields.

In this study Prem and Ganga in Bihar, Deva and Cheda in UP, Bete in Punjab and Thali community in Haryana were classified on the basis of gender gap. This gender gap was modeled on the basis of women's leadership, physical mobility status, education level, access and control over productive assets and market ability and profit from the sale of agricultural produce. During this study, it was observed that there was not much difference between the working methods of men and women. Asking men for their opinion, he said that women should be allowed to go out and work as it increased their income and benefited the family.

According to the report women do not express resistance, but participate in decision making through giving suggestions, supporting husbands, or selling their personal belongings such as renting jewelery or purchasing machines. So there has been a slight increase in empowerment as well.

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21 September 2021

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