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Diseases causing damage to millet crop


Many times it happens that even after proper plowing of the field, treatment of seeds and giving proper amount of fertilizers and fertilizers, we do not get proper yield. Due to the outbreak of various diseases, the yield and quality are reduced. If you are cultivating millet, then disease control is very important for good yield. From here you can get information on treatment along with various diseases that damage the crop.

  • Ergot: It is also known as Chopa disease. Light pink or dark brown sticky thick juice starts dripping from the ears of the millet crop affected by this disease. The disease is more likely to occur in the hybrid varieties of millet. For selection of ergot-free seeds, separate the healthy seeds by soaking the seeds in salt solution before sowing. To protect the standing crop from this disease , spray Bavistin 0.1%.

  • Mild hairy Asita: This disease is also called green ear disease or downy mildew. This disease is caused by mold. The leaves of plants affected by this disease turn yellow and the growth of the plants stops. Outbreak of the disease Earrings are not formed in the plants. Before sowing the seed should be treated with Ridomil M Z . By treating with 72, this disease can be avoided. In case of disease in standing crop, dithane zed @ 0.2% . Spray 78. If required, re-spraying can be done at an interval of 10 to 15 days.

Smut: This disease is also known as Kangiari disease. The grains suffering from this disease are bigger and brighter in size than the normal grains. As the disease progresses, the color of the grains becomes brown and finally black powder is filled in the grains. This causes great damage to the crop.


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21 September 2021

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