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Digital Empowerment in Agriculture


Digital empowerment in agriculture means using new technologies in agriculture. Its trend is increasing rapidly in Europe, America, Latin America and West Asian countries. Digital farming is completely different from the traditional farming that has been going on for centuries. In this, farming is done through new technologies like Drone, GPS, Artificial Intelligence etc. Due to new technologies and machines, it costs more in the beginning. But after some time the cost comes down. In Digital Empowerment in Agriculture, farmers are taught the virtues of farming through digital medium.

Under Digital Empowerment in Agriculture, farmers are given information about agriculture such as crop production, increase in crop yield, crop protection, crop storage etc. through mobile app. Through Dehat Kisan App, you can get many agriculture related information like crop information, scientific method, weather information, disease prevention, pest management, local market price, soil test etc.

According to the advice of experts, you can also buy the necessary inputs for agriculture like fertilizers, seeds and pesticides etc. from the nearest countryside center. Payment for all purchases can also be done through digital medium easily. Along with this, farmers can also learn better farming methods through Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp. By just sending a photo you can get your problem solution and free agriculture advice from country agriculture experts.

The use of drones in agriculture can also prove to be very beneficial. With the help of this, farmers can inspect the crops sitting at home. Also, with the help of drone technology, sprinkling of fertilizers and pesticides in the field, monitoring of irrigation can also be done easily.

If the farmers of our country understand the importance of digital empowerment and adopt it, then a new revolution will come in the agriculture sector.

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Dehaat Expert

21 September 2021

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