Destructive Grass: Control Measures


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Today we will talk about a weed whose name is a bit strange. The name of this weed is Satyanashi Grass. Contrary to its name, this grass has many medicinal properties. But today we will not talk about its medicinal properties, but about the way to control it. So let's first know what is the identity of this grass?

What is the identity of veritable grass?

  • Destructive grass is a type of weed that spreads rapidly in almost all types of environments.

  • Its leaves and fruits are prickly.

  • Its flowers are yellow in color, which look like poppy flowers.

  • On breaking any part of the plant, yellow colored milk comes out from inside it.

  • This grass is known by many names in different regions like Yellow Dhatura, Kanti Grass, Sona Khirni, Swarnakshiri, Kutkutara, etc.

Why is it harmful?

  • It is one of the fast spreading weeds.

  • Its excess reduces the yield and quality of crops.

  • The grains found in its fruits can prove to be fatal.

How to control?

  • If the crop has not grown in the field, then spray a drug called Roundup at 800 grams per acre of land.

  • Apart from this, 200 grams of Atrazine can also be used per acre of field.

  • There should be no shortage of moisture in the field at the time of weeding. Due to low moisture in the field, the effect of weed killer can be reduced.

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21 September 2021

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