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Cultivate these flowers this month which will give more profit


The profit potential is higher in floriculture as compared to traditional farming. The cost of floriculture is also low and there is no need for much maintenance. In view of these advantages, the trend of farmers towards floriculture is increasing.

Till a few years ago, only flowers like rose, marigold, sunflower, rhubarb, etc. were cultivated in floriculture. But these days farmers cultivate many other flowers along with these flowers. In which Gerbera, Zinnia, Tuberose, Gladiolus, Lotus, Lily, including many other flowers are also included. If you also want to do floriculture, then from here you can get information about some flowers cultivated in the month of March.

  • Sunflower: Summer season is best for sunflower cultivation. Apart from flowers, it is also cultivated for obtaining seeds. As beautiful as they look, they are also beneficial.

  • Zinnia: Its plants are small in size and flowers start blooming a few days after planting the plants. It is in high demand due to its colorful flowers. Its plants do not require much maintenance. The flowers of hybrid varieties of genia are very attractive.

  • Lilies: Due to the attractive flowers, the demand of lilies is always there. Its flowers are white, pink and yellow. It is most commonly used in the decoration of various ceremonies, bouquet etc. It is cultivated by transplanting tubers. Lily tubers look like onions.

  • Peony: It is cultivated in both summer and winter season. Varieties with dark colored flowers should be cultivated during the summer season, which include red, yellow and purple colors. Fertile soil is required for its cultivation.

  • Petunia: Its flowers are red, yellow, white, purple, pink, etc., in many colors. Its plants have many branches and the plants are full of flowers. For its cultivation, choose a place where there is enough sunlight.

  • Gladiolus: Its plants need well drained soil and sunlight. It is mainly cultivated through tuber transplantation. However, cultivation can also be done by seed. Its flowers are of many colors like red, yellow, orange, purple, white, pink, etc. Being beautiful, it is most commonly used for making bouquets.

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Somnath Gharami

Dehaat Expert

21 September 2021

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