Cultivate black wheat for more profit

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Black wheat has 60% more iron content than normal wheat. The black color of wheat is due to the pigments called anthocyanins present in it. Antioxidant elements are found in this variety which is beneficial for health. Get information related to its cultivation from here.

Suitable time for sowing

  • Black wheat is cultivated in Rabi season.

  • According to agricultural scientists, it should be sown by 30 November.

  • Late sowing results in reduced yield.

Seed quantity and method of seed treatment

  • If sowing is being done in rows, then 40 to 50 kg of seed will be required per acre of land.

  • For sowing by spray method, more quantity of seeds is required.

  • If sowing is done by spraying method, then 50 to 60 kg of seed will be required per acre of field.

  • If the seed is not already treated, it is necessary to treat the seed before sowing.

  • Treat seed with Carbendazim @ 2 gm per kg of seed.

  • You can also treat with 3 grams of Trichoderma or Bavistin per kilogram of seed.

Irrigation and Fertilizer Quantity

  • 4 to 5 irrigations should be done for good crop.

  • First irrigation is given after 3 weeks of sowing.

  • After this, irrigation should be given at the time of bud break, before the earrings come out, at the time of milk coming in the ears and at the time of ripening of grains.

  • At the time of sowing, apply 50 kg DAP, 45 kg urea, 20 kg murate potash and 10 kg zinc sulphate per acre of field.

  • Apply 60 kg urea at the time of first irrigation.

yield and profit

  • Black wheat yields from 17 to 18 quintals per acre of field.

  • The price of black wheat is 3-4 times higher than that of normal wheat.

  • The sale of black wheat ranges from Rs 7,000 to Rs 8,000 per quintal.

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You can also increase your income by cultivating black wheat. If you found this information important then please like this post. Also share it with other farmer friends so that more and more farmers can earn profit by cultivating this variety. Ask us your questions related to the cultivation of black wheat through comments.

21 September 2021

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