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Chili: Leaf Shrinkage

Chili: Leaf Shrinkage

लेखक - Soumya Priyam | 20/11/2019

There is a lack of foliage on the husbands and the husbands become oppressed. It is a virus-borne disease which is spread from one plant to another by white fly. Sulfur, 25 gm for its control. Spray after dissolving in every 15 liters of water. Exactly after 4-5 days Viroline, 40 ml + Greentara 5 g per tank. or Tatamida, 15ml. + Manik, 10g. Mix and sprinkle.

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मिर्च:सफेद मक्खी/ रस-चूसक कीट
मिर्च:सफेद मक्खी/ रस-चूसक कीट

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