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Carrot Grass: Enemy of Production and Farmers


Carrot grass, which is known by the names of white flower grass, bright moonlight, chidiya bari etc. This fast spreading grass is no less than a headache for the farmers. Read this post completely to know more about carrot grass. Through this post, you can learn about carrot grass along with how it is harmful for crops.

What is Carrot Grass?

  • Carrot grass is a kind of weed that spreads rapidly in all types of environment.

  • Its leaves are like carrot leaves.

  • Plants are 1 to 1.5 m tall.

  • Each plant produces 1000 to 50000 seeds.

  • These seeds are very microscopic and germinate after falling on the ground.

Why is it harmful?

  • It is a very fast spreading weed.

  • Its excess reduces the yield of crops by about 40%.

  • Its excess hinders the development of root glands of pulse crops.

  • Along with this, it reduces the activity of nitrogen fixing bacteria in leguminous crops.

  • It is also harmful to animals and humans.

  • It can prove fatal to the animals that eat it.

  • Continuous exposure to it can cause many dangerous diseases like eczema, allergies, fever, asthma.

How to do prevention?

  • Destroy the plants before they flower to prevent seed formation.

  • To destroy weeds, spray Roundup at 800 grams per acre of land before flowering. This medicine is also harmful for other crops, so take special care that no other crop is planted in the field at the time of spraying the medicine.

  • To prevent this grass from growing in fodder crops like maize, jowar, bajra, sprinkle atrazine @ 800 gm per acre of land immediately after sowing. For better results, do not let the soil lack moisture.

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Dehaat Expert

21 September 2021

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